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What sort of overhead does vmware have when running something like zdoom?

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Getting sick of my old pc's dying when I want to stress test them for things like zdoom so I'm moving over to virtual machines. Ancient aliens ran fine on a windows 98 vm with 32mb ram, and it loaded with 16mb ram but it took so long that I ran it in the background, and the screen was borked up when I came back to it.

On an i7-870 the framerate in doom 2 map 1 (and aa irrc) was 200-something, so I'm wondering what the overhead is for virtual machines running zdoom in software mode? Anything direct3d/opengl really falls over in virtual machines, even though they claim to have hardware acceleration.

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They do have Hardware acceleration, you only need to setup it right. I run old games on a Win 95 VM and i use most of them with 3dfx.

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