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Demon Rune for Team-based Game modes is just OP.

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Basically if 1 team gets Demon Rune = Instant win, Because it basically just gives them easy free kills/points, Especially because the demon rune effect lasts for 60 Seconds (too much) .

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I got maximum +10/12 if you playing against complete noobs. 5-8 frags isn't too much, at least you can fight for demon rune several times in match.

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Demon rune should spawn at a set location or a set number of locations. Too often does the other team all happen to spawn on it. I've spawned on top of it my fair share as well. People trying to play this game as competitively as it can be played and there's just too much of that kind of shit in the game.

Also get rid of equipment wtf.

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