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Possible texture themes for Freedoom

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One day, jerk-o. One day. It's worth noting that more than 200 completely new techbase textures AKA jmickle's Aquatex texture pack were merged donated to Freedoom.
Sodaholic/Blastfrog even had a go with retexturing MAP02 with Aquatex textures, and it complemented the map extremely well.

When/if i get a computer/laptop soon, I would like to continue retexturing myself, heck a full renovation to make the maps tie up together (kinda like how Protox is doing with FreeDM, and look how well that turned out) if I have the chance (that and for learning C). I know how to use Doom Builder, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem, other than being time consuming.

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Black-Hand said:

Sprite side, how is it going?

raymoohawk said:

its going very slowly.

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Voros said:

Which, I have to say, I'm not convinced was a good decision. There's nothing wrong with the textures; they're great. But a big dump of textures stuffed into the IWAD, almost outnumbering the texture count in the original Doom? Shouldn't it be a separate texture pack, usable in any game rather than bloating FreeDoom?

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Looks I wrote it wrong. The Aquatex texture pack was donated to Freedoom. Its still its own texture pack. Freedoom contains a 90% copy of it, if you get what I mean.

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Understood. Although, even at 90%, it is still a big dump of textures over and above the range of those in the original games. That being said, they are nice textures, and fit the general theme of Freedoom well. I guess it will make for prettier maps. :)

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