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A DOOM Distro For the Raspberry Pi 3?

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EDIT: Sorry, needs moved to General.

I just installed the latest release of RetroPie 4.1 and am currently removing everything from it that has nothing to do with DOOM. My intention is to only have PrBOOM Plus, Crispy DOOM, and ZDOOM installed. Possibly DOOMsDay as I heard it works on the Pi, but I've yet to see it personally.

Anyhow, I wanted to use Emulationstation as a sort of front end for DOOM and it's various pWAD expansions.

This began while using a Pi Zero along with PrBOOM to set my 7 year old niece up with DOOM on a controller, but I decided that I was not content with that for my self, especially in regards to classic PrBOOM and it's old school display.

So anyhow, I guess I'm just posting this to say that I'm putting one together, should anyone be interested. Or if someone else has already done something like this, please let me know!!!

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FWIW, the sdl2-branch of chocolate-doom works pretty well on the Pi. I added a 'chocolate doom' entry to my emulationstation config and built it on the pi from source.

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Nah, SDL2 in the repo is broken. You'll have to compile all those yourself. I'll update the wiki with the new SDL libs and documentation.

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That's awesome none the less. Good to see DOOM on every OS under the sun if possible!
Speaking of which Wolf 3D recently got a port to the Color Gameboy.

ZDOOM has been fixed for the Pi, project is go again.

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