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Tweaker's Music

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I think your best bet would be to buy the track on something like Google Play or iTunes. If it even exists on those platforms.

Alternatively, you can download it for free. I think most MP3 versions of it are 44.1kHz.

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MusicallyInspired said:

Does there exist anywhere full quality versions of the music he made for Doom 3? These tracks in the game from what I remember are merely 22khz in mono or something.

Swine & Roses said:

There's merely a vinyl single of the Doom³ theme song, limited to 500 copies.
Tough luck.

Oh you mean this? :D

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Yeah, exactly. Nice find.

Does Doom³ even have any music besides intro and main menu?
I only seem to remember rhythmically banging and beeping machinery at best.

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