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Japanese Community Project demos [-complevel 2]

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That's what it says in the readme, yes. I also played most of JPCP for DWMC and I remember cl2 being fine... Some maps had problems, but not related to compatibility IIRC (like I remember getting out of the playing area in Map20; I think that's fixed now). By the way, it seems like they changed some maps quite a lot since then, for example Map09 was reworked significantly, the cave in Map21 is more detailed, etc. So there are some nice surprises to discover if you haven't seen the final version yet.

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cool! good excuse to replay. i remember the cl problems being more significant - on one of the later maps you couldnt pick up the plasma gun or cells to kill the cyberdemon on cl2...

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It seems like from certain angles the diamond-shaped support thing will just swallow projectiles completely. I've seen similar phenomena in a few older maps (nothing off the top of my head) and even Doom 64 EX, but I've never heard any kind of technical explanation. Maybe some nodebuilding strangeness?

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Map13: Bad Morning (by Namsan)

UV -Max in 10:15

(I did include the JPCP_HUD.wad because I like it. If it's annoying, next time I'll do without it)


Dropped in for fun again. This map is really funny, which sounds like Doomguy got annoyed by the demons, killed a bunch of demons, went back to sleep.


It's a rather long map and the last area is sort of difficult to deal with. Should be easy to make it sub 10 because I still forget my route from time to time. The last area is sort of tough because the trap contains 2 Pain Elementals.


Edited by GarrettChan

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Map21: Search and Destroy (by burabojunior)

UV -Max in 2:58

(Also include JPCP_HUD.wad)


Short and sweet arena like map. Sort of like Dead Simple with Mancubi and Arachnotrons usage. First finished in 3:33, then I changed the route and optimize a little bit to get sub 3. Probably there's a better route than mine. The tough part is facing 6 Mancubi in the front and 2 from behind. The quantity of rockets and cells are exactly enough. Well planned by burabojunior.


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Map26: Embodiment of Maliciousness (by Yullie)
UV -Max in 15:45
(Also include JPCP_HUD.wad)


There ya go, here's my walk (not run). I'm a coward because I didn't fight the Cyberdemon with BFG. Totally not a fan of this level because of high amount of cramped fights, and way too confusing to navigate (of course this is talking about first time impression). Arch-vile placements are cruel in this level, and you have to expect medium-duty monsters resurrected from time to time.


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12 hours ago, Paul977 said:

Cool run man



Map14: G_T_Factory (by toMass)
UV -Max in 2:26
(Also include JPCP_HUD.wad)


A very enjoyable small map to run through. There is a little bit of RNG involved in this map according to my route because 1 Cacodemon may be stuck at the environment. I actually had a better chance before, but I missed a monster at the end and wasted a lot of time. This route should be able to close to 2:20. How do you plan that 4 BFG shots is probably the most important part in this map, but I'm not good at BFG, so I end up wasting some shots not killing too many stuffs.


The Baron walked upstairs which is not very cool. Also dat Lost Soul in my face! I think there should be a way better route than this. I'm not very good at planning.



Edited by GarrettChan

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Map11: My Fav UV-Max in 9:34


My first post here and I am not familiar with GLBoom+ because mostly I use GZdoom to play before.


Youtube Version

I call JPCP as TNT: Evilution Japanese version because these 2 wads share much similarity.


The second floor is soooooooooooooo annoying!!!!!!!! It is 99.99% like TEETH.wad of Master Levels for Doom 2 and I left an imp there and got 140/141 kills three times.

When exiting from second floor, you should get 26 kills.


For the torch maze on third floor, it is like the maze in Map30: Last Call in TNT: Evilution but you can just find the right way by telling the differences between the textures of torches instead of remembering the color sequence of torches.


Last area: Do you like caco? What? You dare to say no? Then crush you to death!
The platform maze at last part has no hints and you have to remember the way all by yourself. 


I like the idea of this map but the second floor is surely 0/10. I am sure it will be much faster but it greatly depends on the second floor.


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Map08: 54-pit UV-Max in 6:42


Youtube version


Well, it seems that Toooooasty loves building ruins. Personally I like this map except the yellow key design, because you have to go back a long way to reveal the remaining secrets.


The chaingun won't cooperate with me. lol.




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Well I intended to do a few runs but can't resist it. So there are many runs in this post.


Map03: The Sign of Armageddon UV-Max in 6:30


Youtube version


I know this strategy works but it needs a lot of RNG. If a monster blocks your way then you have to restart. Actually I retried over 30 times before I made it.


The hardest part of this map is that there is no SSG. Also there is not many rockets, so you have to use shotgun to deal with many medium-sized monsters.


And remember to save rockets for the arch-viles.




Map07: Confused Arena UV-Max in 4:00


Youtube version


This is Tatsurd-cacocaco's version of Dead Simple. Surely the difficulty is much higher than the original one.


The most dangerous part is the wave after the mancubi, especially those chaingunners, because there is almost nowhere to dodge. Keep moving and don't stop.




Map09: The Three World UV-Max in 5:40


Youtube version


A Trick and Traps mimic. Well I like this idea and the music is my favorite in Ultimate Doom.


I didn't plan my BFG ammo well during my previous run and had no cells to deal with the last arch-vile. Then he revives one baron and I wasted time to kill him again. I am not good at planning and using BFG.




Map10: The Odd Encampment UV-Max in 8:28


Youtube version


I used a very conservative way to finish this map because I don't want to play it for a second time and grind it. The main aim is just to finish this level.


I have too much complaint on this map. Both map design and the music.


Why I say JPCP is TNT: Evilution Japanese version? It is mainly because of this map.


The outside part is large but has almost nowhere to hide, as most maps do in TNT.


And the most ridiculous design is the red key room. I played this map early when v1.1 was released and was stuck at this room for more than 15 minutes before noticing that I had to hit all four buttons without stepping on or crossing the lines on the ground. Up till now I don't know why Yullie decided to make this room.


Also since the room is very dark, so if you don't know there will be an arch-vile teleporting in you will probably die there.


The music? Well, it's Into the Beast's Belly and almost all maps using this music are cursed. The only one breaking this curse is Map05: Forgotten Village of Vanguard.




-It is strongly recommended to kill the two hell knights near the blue key early because once you get the blue key you cannot go back to that platform and they are likely to be stuck there and cannot be killed.


-The most dangerous part is the button revealing the red key room. When you hit it many revenants will be lowered down.


-The balcony where 8 demons and some hell knights (and with a baron) teleport is unfair. Make sure to save BFG here. If you are lucky you can kill all 8 demons with one BFG shot. Then you can use rockets to deal with the slow hell knights. In GZdoom you can step on one of the two teleporters to let them teleport in the same spot, but I am not sure if GLBoom+ also works.


-Better save at least one BFG shot for the last part to clear a path quickly or you will have not enough space to dodge the arch-vile behind the wall. 


Map26 is also designed by Yullie. Though you have to fight many enemies in tight space but the castle is very nice and the music from FFVIII is good as well. But I cannot find any advantages of map10.


Rate of this map is surely -1/10, and the minus 1 is for the music chosen.




Map14: G_T_Factory UV-Max in 2:44


Youtube version


This run is inspired by GarrettChan so I did a casual UV-Max run.


Nothing else to say about this map, the only annoying thing is that the arachnotron always prevents me from grabbing the megaarmor.




Map17: UAC Energy Plant UV-Max in 4:38


Youtube version


I am not good at the central room with blue key so I slowed down the speed. Also be careful when using rockets because of the tight spaces.


You have only 2 BFG shots so save them for the first 2 arch-viles. If you miss one shot then... retry.









Edited by lirui1001

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Map18: Space Port Panik UV-Max in 5:28


Youtube version


Well, I think there is nothing special for this map. The only thing I dislike is that it is too dark without the light amplification visor.

There are 2 main RNG parts: one is to let the cyberdemon to kill as many monsters outside as possible, and the other is the position of the pain elemental.


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Map20: Escape from UAC Space Base UV-Max in 8:01


Youtube version


I know this map can be finished under 8 minutes but it needs a lot of RNG, especially the two arachnotrons on the top. 


The biggest problem is that almost half of the enemies are gunners and you have almost nowhere to hide. So be careful.


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Map28: HeLLport UV-Max in 21:46


Youtube version


For My Memory in Venice 2014. -Masa


This is the longest map in JPCP, and luckily I finished it in my 4th run.


This map is very kind compared to Trinary Temple because the hardest part in this map is the first cyberdemon and the small room with rocket launcher, while the hardest in Trinary Temple is the last room although they are both good big maps. The last part in this map has no difficulty.


Personally this is my 2nd favorite map in JPCP both in the scenes and music. The music is from resurgence and is my 2nd favorite music in JPCP while the best track is from Map26 because I am a big fan of Final Fantasy series. The only part I cannot understand is that there is a forced invisibility sphere before the last cyberdemon. I don't know why Masa puts this invisibility and you have to use plasma gun to fight the cyberdemon in a far distance. It is a ridiculous design.


For the rocket launcher room you better have 200/100 with invisibility or you probably cannot survive. Also notice the positions of arch-viles.




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Map19: Remind UV-Max in 9:34


Youtube version


Maybe I should call Nanka Kurashiki "Sandy Peterson in JPCP" because he (wait, does somebody says "she") can make maps with great quality difference. The second floor of Map11 is very annoying but I like this map very much. Probably my 3rd favorite map in JPCP.

Because there are not plenty ammo, so you have to use berserk fist to kill some enemies and this is also the main RNG part of this map. I finished this map twice before, one in 10:15 and the other 10:00. It was mainly because the RNGod didn't like me and the damage of berserk pack was low at that time.




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5 hours ago, Memfis said:

Wow, nice activity here! Welcome to the demos forum. :) Map15 coming sometime?

I am considering Map15 but haven't formed a fixed strategy yet :( 

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Sorry for my being lazy :( So obsessed with steam summer sale and piled a lot of demos.


Finally done with first 10 maps.


Map01: First Assault UV Max in 1:49


Youtube version


Map02: Rural Mini-Base UV Max in 2:09


Youtube version


Map04: Thaumasia UV Max in 2:49


Youtube version


The main issue is to get the SSG as fast as you can and deal with the hitscanners outside and teleporting in.


Map05: Woodexial UV Max in 8:07


Youtube version


You know that Toooooasty loves ruin-style designs. This map is not as good as Map08, but also fine.


And that troll zombieman!


Map06: Riminshi Valley UV Max in 5:20


Youtube version


The biggest problem is no armor in this map. Seems like burabojunior is very mean on armor. You can see there is only one blue armor in Map12 and you have to deal with many monsters in the cramped places. Also the latter half of Map22 there is no armor at all.


This is my route to get backpack and weapons fast. And use the berserk pack to replenish health.






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Map12: Magnetic Force Apparatus UV Max in 5:25


Youtube version


There is only one blue armor in this map and you are mostly surrounded by enemies in cramped areas. So if your armor is not enough then...its surely not enough.


The biggest problem is the two pain elementals in the open area. You have to kill them fast or they will make the map in a total mess.


And that troll cacodemon!


Map13: Bad Morning UV Max in 9:52


Youtube version


My favorite map in JPCP. The feeling is like "Wake up...WTF, why there are monsters near my bed? Kill them all and go back to sleep!". This idea is interesting.


Though there are 302 monsters but there are plenty of ammo and recovery items. And I made it to finish under 10 minutes.


Map15: Nandeyanen UV Max in 7:04


Youtube version


I think "Nandeyanen" is romaji but I don't know its meaning since I don't understand Japanese. Any explanation is appreciated.


There are 3 main hard parts in this level. The first is the computer room since there are a lot of gunners and you have to use normal shotgun to kill a baron blocking your way.


The second is the cyberdemon room. Normally let cyberdemon hit these revenants and you can do all other stuff during the infighting.


The last one is the "hellish" room with 2 archviles. Make sure to kill them first.


Note that only when you kill all the first four commander keens and reveal all secrets will the red switch shows up.


Map23: Thermal Disposal Place UV Max in 10:32


Youtube version


Well actually this map is not difficult. You can choose either the red key route or the blue one.


For pistol start, I strongly recommend to pick the blue one first because you can get enough ammo for the following parts without too much struggling.


And remember to pick the green armor first. If not, there will be a long time with no armor.


Map24: Probably Maybe Certainly UV Max in 10:11


Youtube version


I think this map is the most boring level in JPCP. Nothing special for me.


The most dangerous part is the revenants at the beginning. 


There are some ridiculous designs in this map. The first is the square maze secret. You must go around the long way to get access to the room. Cutting through the short path will slam the door shut and you will be unable to collect the secret. I don't know why this design is so ridiculous.


Also the last invulnerability sphere is weird because over 90% of the enemies have already been killed and the remaining are not difficult. 






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Map31: Manufacturing Plant UV Max in 8:54


Youtube version


Not a difficult level. This map is ridiculous in v1.1 but it's back to normal now. In v1.1 you cannot step onto the platforms of the 3 "skull key" secrets or you won't get the secret yellow key and it has changed to "step onto" instead of "not step onto", which is reasonable now.


You have to get 111 kills before leaving the building.


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Map26: Embodiment of Maliciousness UV Max in 16:56


Youtube version


This run is inspired by GarrettChan, but my time is 1 minute longer than his because I use a very conservative way.


The music is my favorite in JPCP. Wait!!!!!!! It doesn't mean I like this map, just because I am a fan of Final Fantasy series.


You can see the textures and the buildings are very good, but this map is very annoying, just as the impression of FFVIII (if you played FFVIII before you can find that the story and combat system are inferior to FFVII and FFX and the only good part is OST)


RNG is needed almost everywhere in this map because you have to kill almost all enemies in cramped areas. Even with the most conservative way you have to take a lot of damage.


Also the route is very confusing and you are likely to get lost.


Well at least it is much better than map10, which is also designed by Yullie.


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