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Wad ID request

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The first one is the Japanese Community Project, the next two are Valiant (by Skillsaw), the last one is Ancient Aliens, a project also by Skillsaw, although that particular shot is of a guest map from lupinx-Kassman.

Edit: Map names are "Cakravartin's Miscalculation" (by Nanka Kurashiki), "Electric Nightmare", "A Lightbridge Too Far", and "Culture Shock", respectively.

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Would have never guessed the first one, but the rest were like BAM! Gotta be Valiant/Ancient Aliens.

By the way, Valiant is probably my favorite megawad of all time. The levels kick ass, the music choices are top notch, and the content is 5 star. Give Valiant a vanilla run-through, no other mods loaded. Quite the experience IMO.

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