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Scuba Steve

Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

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12 hours ago, TMD said:

If Mayhem16 counts for 2017 the notion alone should warrant mordeth consideration. 

Not when Revilution was also released this year :P

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12 minutes ago, bopanog said:

Scythe by Erik Alm and Kim "Torn" Bach.


I'm not sure if you're joking or trolling so hard. 

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In no particular order.. these are what I enjoyed the most this year I guess:


Bloody Rust 2


TNT: Revilution

Counter Attack

Stardate 20x7

Experiencing Nirvana

Newgothic Movement 2



Need to add one more which I played a bit ago that I didn't remember the first time =x



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I'd like to nominate Dragonfly's Skulldash: Enhanced edition. I know the old version recieved a cacoward, but this new version feels like a complete different game.

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7 minutes ago, Xaser said:

No, there's no /idgames requirement.

Thanks, can we name any WAD that has not been previously in the Cacowards? First post doesn't list any requirements.

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It has to have been released within the year. Or late enough last year to not have given enough time for the Shadowy Cacoward Cabal™ to have reviewed it last year. So basically anything released from December 2016 to December 2017 is fair game.

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@StormCatcher.77 wow that's pretty

I am a big fan of colorful trippy-looking stuff like this.  This looks like a map that might be worth playing on nomonsters first playthrough, at least for me, probably during a relaxing, slow night too - The first monster encounter broke me out of some of my initial awe at the atmosphere.  Though, from what I played so far the gameplay seems okay.  I will definitely finish playing this.


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Here are my mentionations, before I forget to write one, in alphabetical order:


Counterattack by Mechadon

lilith.pk3 by anotak

Moonblood by Deadwing

Rise of the Wool Ball by MSPaintR0cks

The Given by dobu gabu maru


High Noon Drifter for best gameplay mod


Run For It! for mockaward (I already mentioned this one quite a long ago, but just in case)

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Nth's to lilith.pk3, Redemption of the Slain, and Moonblood (probably my personal favorite of the year) for the Cacos.  Gameplay mods have some fairly stiff competition this year, but I'll give a nod to [url=https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=55061]Final Doomer[/url] just for the idea of designing a weapon set around a level set in general, let alone tried and true sets like Plutonia and TNT.

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