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Perhaps it's a 25 limit (I don't recall seeing signs) or maybe they use that as a rule of thumb for unpaved roads. Depends on the vehicle and conditions. In a Land Rover Discovery, you could do it pretty fast. :) The road was dry and in a more regular AWD without high clearance, I took about half an hour. After heavy rain, it would be awful. Even as it was, it was not a useful short-cut timewise, and very bumpy in places. I've driven far worse roads, but generally they were shown as very minor roads on maps.

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-I have screwed up sleep schedule ever since I was at high school (around 1-2 years ago, to be exact).

-I am starting to love iDOLM@STER. Y'know, I love me some cute animu gals.

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Sometimes I gaze outside my window and wonder how many people out there in the world are watching Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 at that very moment.



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2 hours ago, Gaia74 said:

i have a very bad letter jajajaj


You mean your handwriting?

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9 minutes ago, Gaia74 said:

yes xD

Same here, my teachers had difficulties reading my writings, thus asking me what I wrote. Sometimes, I was not even able to read it myself ... It was pretty funny though.

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I consider myself to have somewhat messy handwriting, though I wouldn't call it unreadable. Despite this, it always seems that everyone around me has significantly better handwriting than I do, and I'm actively trying to write cleanly while they're not putting any thought into it.


Unless I've written something in cursive, in which case I can understand if someone else isn't able to read it to an extent. Though like my normal hand writing, I make a deliberate attempt to make it as legible as possible and will rewrite anything I don't think is clear. My cursive never looks like just a bunch of scribbles, unlike most people's that I see!

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