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Crispy Doom 2 Map 4: Light Switch Doesn't Work

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The light switch to turn on the lights in the hall way do not work on map 4.
I have not tested this against Chocolate, only Crispy.

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To be sure, it's the button on the right immediately after entering the blue door? If so, I just tested this on Win7 using Crispy Doom release version 3.4 and had no problem; Chocolate Doom 2.2.1 had no issue either.

When reporting a potential problem, explaining said problem thoroughly such that another person can take steps to reliably reproduce the issue is helpful. Were you able to reproduce the problem yourself? (If so, can you reproduce it in a more minimal way, such as warping to the level and no-clipping to the switch, or is there something between startup to bug that's causing it?) Are you using the master branch instead of a release version? Describing the operating system, unique settings, et cetera, can also help to pinpoint the problem in more irregular cases.

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I just checked with the latest Crispy sources on a Debian amd64 system and could not reproduce your issue.

Are you sure you have used the right switch? I mean, there is one at each side of the corridor, one to switch the lights on and one to switch them off.

I have not tested this against Chocolate, only Crispy.

It is always helpful to know if a bug has been inherited from Choco and should be fixed there first, or if it is specific to Crispy. Thanks!

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