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baja blast rd.

Mouse behavior drastically altered in different versions of same port (prBoom+) ...

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... with identical settings

I normally use GlBoom+ I set up GlBoom+, in a different folder, and copied the relevant settings over, and the mouse feels incredibly slow, not just by a slight amount but by an order of magnitude.

My settings are:

# Mouse settings
use_mouse 1
mouse_sensitivity_horiz 29
mouse_sensitivity_vert 0
mouseb_fire 0
mouseb_strafe 2
mouseb_forward -1
mouseb_backward -1
mouseb_use -1

# Prboom-plus mouse settings
mouse_acceleration 0
mouse_sensitivity_mlook 0
mouse_doubleclick_as_use 1

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Link to post is using SDL2 instead of SDL1, which is actually a very major change. I'm not surprised that mouse handling feels different, since it's literally using totally different code for it.

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