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I wrote a guide on Steam regarding item timing in multiplayer

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Hey everyone,

I recently wrote a guide which includes data about various items found in DOOM's multiplayer mode, especially their respawn times. It's nothing experienced players wouldn't know already, but I could not find all this info in one place so I decided to write the guide myself. I know the multiplayer mode isn't really popular but, contrary to popular belief, some meta-game IS there and there is certainly room for improving one's skill set. Item timing is a very important part of this skill set.

If you find the guide useful, I would appreciate it if you gave it a "thumbs up" on Steam. Guides with high ratings are displayed higher and I am sure many multiplayer enthusiasts could find the information valuable. Big thanks in advance!

You can find the guide here:


or if you want to access it through the Steam client, just go to community guides and search for: "Item and timing guide for multiplayer"

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