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Anyone have the new DLC?

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I do. Will give a brief rundown of each of the maps.

Outbreak: Never got a chance to run into this map in any playlists since the DLC came out yesterday. Judging by the release trailer, it looks to be another outer space map in the vein of Cataclysm, only without the fusion of tech and Hell, mostly gore.

Boneyard: Basically a Hell-themed map that is composed entirely of flesh, carcasses, and bone, with teeth and pus being a recurring theme. Very disgusting in a good way; it reminded me of the gorier-looking maps in the original Doom, mostly Episode 3.

Empyrian: A very-royal looking arena, very reminiscent of something you'd find in the upcoming Quake: Champions. This looks to be another pre-Hell Argent D'Nur map, much like Argent Breach (that tomb level dedicated to the Night Sentinels). Very unconventional for a Doom map, but very gorgeous.

If I can, I'll see about posting screenshots (I'm on Xbox, but I'll see what I can do later).

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AbhinandAnilDoomguy said:

Uh, which DLC are you talking about here?

Given the date of the post, it's likely he's referring to the "Bloodfall" DLC.

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