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Commander Keen mini figure

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Apologies if this has already been posted. Check out the vinyl figure on the bottom-right of the image on this page:

It's our old friend, in a very Goodbye Galaxy-esque pose ;) I'm not typically one for the look of these kinds of figures. But the cartoonish style of Adrian's Keen fits this style beautifully.

Note that Keen's face in this pic is mirrored from the actual production figure. Giving him more of the familiar quizzical look as opposed to "frightened schoolboy" (very unbecoming of a child genius!)


Purchased a blind box today in the hopes of getting one, but alas it was not to be. To Ebay!

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Yah, when I first saw these Blind Boxescome out the Keen figure was the first one to catch my eye. Looks great in the artstyle and would love to get one. I would trust eBay from the get go, even though it might cost a little more. At least you get what you want without guessing.

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