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Snowball Deathmatch [Early WIP]

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So I decided to try my hand at a small Xmas-themed DM WAD. The gimmick is that the only weapon is a snowball.

Download link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jbe4h9t0tfv2yqf/snobaldm.wad?dl=0

I'm using a modified Dwango5 MAP01 as a placeholder. Thing is, I'm terrible with layouts in general and even worse at DM layouts. If anyone would like to collaborate by helping with making a new map, I'd very much appreciate it. I can easily handle the rest, including textures and such.

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lmao did you actually just modify d5m1? that is the height of laziness.

also only having 1 weapon is pretty shitty. why not make proper replacements? ie throw multiple balls at once for the ssg, rapid-throws for CG, explosive snowballs for rocket, ice-balls for plasma, something inventive for bfg?

try again

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Wow, that video has a dead skulltag.net link, very elden. (Also holy crap the randomized chat sounds are annoying)

I agree with what Decay said basically. Weapons balanced similarly to the classic Doom stuff but shooting projectile snowballs instead would make this more interesting.

I like Christmas themed wads so I hope you continue working on this.

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But doomkid random sounds are -kind of- vanilla lol (unpatched doom's)? I play with random sounds on

also that map is literally a box so if Sodaholic can't make a better map I don't even know

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