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Wolf3D on the Gameboy Color!?

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It's impressively well made, but I am always a little disappointed when these "demake" sort of things turn out to be using a coprocessor that is doing all the hard work and basically just using the original console as a display terminal (see: the Doom level viewer on the Vectrex).

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Rayzik said:

But, can it run doom?

Considering that this project is basically putting an entire new system inside the cartridge, yes, if you were willing to get one sufficiently powerful enough.

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With 3 enemy types, and the 10 levels from Episode 1, I am starting to reach the limit on how much more I can put on the ROM.
Currently sitting at 123Kb out of the 128Kb available so there’s still room for a little more stuff.

He is going to need more ROM.

I’m not worried about RAM any more, 3kb remaining is plenty!

Wolf3D running and only 3kb left? He is going to need more RAM for Doom.

That processor should be fast enough for vanilla maps to render at reasonable speed at that resolution. I think. It is a 32-bit ARM Cortex @ 48mhz

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He specifically says what it's running on:

I will try to use the KE04 from NXP as a co-processor.
It runs on 5V and has enough pins for the dp-sram, plus some extras that I may or may not need.
It sports an ARM Cortex-M0 @ 48Mhz, 128kb flash and 16kb ram.

So the limitations aren't related to the Game Boy Color. Ironically, he is actually giving himself *less* RAM (the GBC sports 32 KB) and *way less* ROM (the GBC has carts that go up to 8 MB).

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Shame about the co-processor. I wouldn't have been that surprised if it actually did run on a stock GBC. People usually attribute the GBC and GBA as a portable NES and SNES, but they were way more powerful than they were given credit for.

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