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Kontra Kommando


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Ever since I attempted to makes sprites out of figures, I've become somewhat of a collector now. I just decided to purchase this NECA figure from Alien 3. I now have Hudson, The original Xenomorph, the original Predator, the Weyland-Yutani Commando, and the Warrior Xenomorph. I purchased this figure, because I received an Amazon giftcard from my supervisor at work for Christmas. As time goes on, I would also like to expand my collection to include other figures, from Terminator, Robocop, Friday the 13th, etc. I will pick them up along the way, when I get free-bees, like the giftcard.

Giftcards are great, because I don't feel bad about spending money on stuff like this with them.

Show us your action-figures

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I've considered myself to be a small time toy collector. So here's a few long outdated photos of my shelves:


Outdated as this has been both expanded and exhaustively reorganized. Some of it is no longer on display as I need to build new shelves somewhere. This setup looks pretty terrible in comparison.

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Yah the Quake figures are awesome. I have four of the five mint and three Loose, though the Tank is broken and needs to be fixed. My goal was five on packaging and five loose, but I doubt I'll get a loose version of the Web Exclusive figure.

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