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ACS Scripting

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I have begun to work on a new doom project. More details later...

I have run into a situation where I need to use ACS to trigger a change in the function of a tagged linedef.

There is a section of the map with a door that requires the use of a switch from a different section of the map using a blue key. Note that the switch DOES NOT open the door, just makes it so the player can go back to the door and open it.

To be clear - the blue key is only meant to work with the switch, and the switch unlocks the door, but does not open the door. The player still has to physically go to the door to open it. If the player tries to use the switch before getting the key, a message should state the usual blue key is needed message.

I have no idea how to go about writing this as I have very little / no experience with ACS. Any help is appreciated.

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You can do that without scripting. In doom, keys only work with opening doors. Well, make a second, ultra-thin door in front of the first. This door will be given a tag, shared with the switch to open it, and it can also have an action on its front side to give the proper "need key" message. The main door can then be opened with or without a key needed, as the key has already served its purpose.

Also, 99.9999% of players won't notice a 1-pixel thin door opening, so minus the use of scripting (which obviously isnt necessary), this is the best path.

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SectorSetLine did the trick. I did try a 1 pixel wide door in front of the actual door, unfortunately, I could not get it close enough to the actual door to make it unnoticeable without causing issues. Door would not open or function at all. Within three pixels only the door texture moves and it moves downward a little when you try to open the actual door, and you cannot pass through.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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