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Unholy Reliquary

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I tried to make something a bit special in order to learn more about advanced coding in snap map while still staying true to simple game play.

I got the idea to see if it was possible to come up with a non linear level with the limitations of snap map... this map is the result.

The game play is quite simple, you have to find and destroy (with the use key) 4 relics in any order, then escape the map. the catch, while the map start out easy each destroyed objectives will make the map harder.

You also start with only one life die then and you fail. However the first 3 relics you destroy will grant you an extra life each, after you survived the lock down of course ;). You also get a score bonus for each life you have once the map is complete.

Finally there is also one slightly hidden fourth (and optional) objective.

The map layout center around a 4 door hub and 4 large room each with its own relic. Each room as at least two connection to other parts of the map. The way you explore the map is up to you.

Aside from the central hub each room will be populated with 2 custom group of demons, one as you enter the room and one for the lock down after you destroyed the relic. The composition of each of these group is defined by the number of relics you have destroyed.

Have fun...

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