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Absolute Damnation V4 - A DWO Map

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Improved, redefined, perfected, and crafted towards maximum entertainment, this is my recent (hopefully final) rendition of my wave map. VERSION 4. NOW WITH A TRAILER! (Made in Windows Movie Maker. I’m so sorry)

CODE FOR ABSOLUTE DAMNATION: LC4JGYFD (Currently published for review)

This is a 10-wave solo battle through over 200 demons. Ranking form the lowest of the undead, to the highest of barons, you are 1 against all. With a shop room filled with EVERYTHING needed to slay the demons, you fight. But can you win?
This map contains many things, such as:
  • Hand-picked, thought out wave battles. No auto-wave spawning events here! Face off against each increasing difficult wave of demons, each hand-picked to spawn together. Whether it be a wave of zombies and security, or an armada of meatballs and pinkies, they all here to tear you apart!
  • A loaded store with everything you need. All the guns and their masteries, the best equipments for the job, five stat boosts to strengthen your best qualities, and even Powerups you can use anytime! You name it, it has it. Choose to start with a shotgun and plasma rifle, or go knee-deep with chainguns blazing. You fight your way!
  • An ever-changing battlefield. Fight off all the waves in 3 different arenas. Each arena is rotated to the next after each fight, always keep the fight varied. From an enclosed arena, to an open shootout, each arena boast their own entertainment and strategy.
  • Three difficulty modifiers. Feel the fights are too easy? Go for two other difficulties above default! They aren’t just damage boost demons! Hard boast extra other combatants, such as a Cacodemon in wave 1! And AGONY includes this and Lost Souls, and even stronger damage impact! High risk yields high score! FIGHT AND KILL.
  • Optional events. Spice up your fight for more cash, by performing optional events! Collect all cases, fight in a certain area, deliver a dangerous particle, or even shoot a demonic tower! Feel rich from performing the side job. Just make sure you can survive to spend it.
  • HIGH REPLAYABILITY. As said time and again (the other previous times I spoke about this map), this map boast replay value. Start off the wave with different weapons. Fight a different difficulty. Buy a powerup instead of a stat boost. See what works. What doesn’t. What kills, and what ROCKS. Play your way or another way everytime.
Doom Wave Onslaught was made with much love and care. Many ideas implement, both scrapped and kept. Enemy placement planned to enjoyment and challenge. All for the sake of a game mode that will always be fun to play, no matter when.

Give it a try yourself. And enjoy the onslaught.
Scorched Ashes and Cryo-Genocide V4 in the works. A 4th will be added.

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Just played this earlier. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I like how you generally get enough credits to buy a new gun between each wave, which keeps things interesting. Each wave doesn't last too long. And there's a ton of options to choose from in the lobby, but it's pretty easy to navigate.

If I have one request it's to remove the hit feedback sound, since it gets annoying for non-competitive MP modes.

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