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Bread Knight

doom spriting?

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im a sorta expirienced photoshopist(3 years ive been doing it) and i would like to learn how to sprite. im currently making a mod that is based on shotguns! heres a link to the mod https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/91748-too-many-super-shotguns-v12/ . i cant seem to find any like weapon spriting or 3d spriting. i saw cages videos and they are amazing, but they are not what im looking for. are there any tutorials on how to make weapon sprites?

thanks for reading

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Voros said:

How does thus relate to the OP? BK's not asking for software.

You're right. Given that he mentioned Photoshop, I assumed he was using the wrong software. I posted before reading the other thread. My bad. Sorry.

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Deutex can't make raw sprites. It can only manipulate them for Doom-related purposes such as merging WADs, creating WADs, extracting, etc. I should know, I use it everytime.
Presenting Deutex as an alternative to Photoshop is like giving an apple to replace the orange. They're both different types of software, that complement each other too (make sprites in Photoshop, compile with Deutex).

But whats done is done.

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