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Hell's Bells: The Meltdown [1 Boom map with a twist]

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Download here.

After creating Mori Christmas in 2014, I've still had some additional free time, and thus, during the actual Christmas time, I created an idea for a new winter-themed megaWAD.

For the purpose, I replaced the Commander Keen object with the bell from Hexen, to make a vanilla-compatible feeling of ringing a bell - and activating things with that chime.

Sadly, however, after finishing MAP01 and the end of Christmas, my motivations disappeared, leaving the only finished map in silence (a bit like in the case of Uplink, my previous release).

As Christmas time is coming again, I decided to share this single map. In the future, I can see chances of releasing other maps based on this set, as I think the fantasy replacements fit quite well to the game.

Boom-compatible, contains textures and replacements from Heretic, Hexen, cc4-tex, and winter-themed mapsets, most notably Whitemare 1 & 2. Also contains an OGG music replacement.

Warning, the map is a bit hard: it was abysmal in its original form, so I tuned it down a bit, but it may not have helped much, beyond changing gameplay from unplayable to simply hard.

Happy Holidays!

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Slippery slide. Neat map i wouldn't say it's hard, seems like there's enough health scattered around for twice as much enemies. Especially the RK trap could use a bit more spice if you ask me. But yeah fun stuff and i approve the music selection.

There's a pretty obvious slime trail if you look towards the ice pillar in the RK cavern.

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Cute level. Christmas themed levels always make me feel good. The difficulty seemed pretty OK actually. Where did you get the music?

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tourniquet, thanks for the info, I'll decrease the amount of health. As I said, originally there were much more enemies, most notably revenants on the down-ish way, but they made me collide, making transition between upper and lower places inconvenient.

Memfis, simply from Youtube. It's a karaoke version that I downloaded with some external MP3 downloader site.

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Yeah I found it kind of easy for the most part, but I guess just put a green armor if you take away health.

At the end I had to juke the cyberdemon, because I didn't think I had enough ammo to face it. That was scary. :O

FDA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zn5m1w2dsw437nh/hbmeltd_rdwpa_fda.lmp?dl=1

I idmus'd to map02, because the .ogg track was very loud. This map is one of the best snow-themed maps I've seen, visually. Doesn't really seem dull like many of them do.

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Holy shit, it's indeed ridiculously easy this way! Thanks for the demo, rdwpa. Gonna balance it and then, I think, /idgames release comes.

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