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Infested Outpost [on idgames]

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One level singleplayer map for vanilla Doom 2 with some Dehacked modifications in concrete base and cave/mountain style. Requires limit-removing source port to play it. Contains new textures, music, decorations (also one destructible) implemented with Dehacked. Time required to complete is about 45, maybe 50 minutes. No special story, just another base invaded by demonic creatures and you are another marine who will fight against it. I advice to not use modes that alter doom 2 things (like Brutal Doom and others), they may conflict with changes i've maid for map. Playing on UV is recommended (map was tested mainly on this difficulty), lower difficulty levels just remove some enemies.
It's only my second map, so don't expect too much :)



Download on ModDB
Download on /idgames

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