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40oz Birthday Speedmap

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Boom format, needs to be run with Mutiny.wad. Has HMP/UV.


Story: The evil cyberdemon had a craving for some cake, so he crashed the party and sent everyone hauling ass. Luckily a Doom marine just happened to be hanging around. With your big bad gun in tow, you hop aboard your trusty rowboat USS Kickass and slip into the cyberdemon's lair. Now oh boy, you're up to the muzzle in demon flesh. It's a do or die mission, soldier. Stop this demonic siegecow before he eats everything.

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I recorded a video where I defeat the cyberdemon before he eats the cake.

Good map. I like how you can set everything in the lair loose at once, but if you want to you can also play at your own pace or mix and match what you want. The platforming in the BK part is fun too. Also enjoyed the incidental combat outdoors, and how the bumpy floors make the cyber fight surprisingly tricky if you want to go for a two-shot.

I noticed a few slight ceiling light issues in both the caves and the birthday room, one shade lower than they are supposed to. The fades to darkness outdoors in the rocky areas that aren't under sky might look more natural with a ceiling light transfer. Also maybe the archies outdoors could be used in a more threatening way. Otherwise nice, especially for a speedmap. Keep it up.

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I played this earlier and had a right laugh with it, really good fun. Looks like the cyber is having a massive steak to me, bloody cannibal

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I got the chance to play this map finally; what a fun little map! Here's my terrible FDA with one save/load (sorry) for your recycle bin's pleasure. I also recorded the demo and put in on YouTube. Sorry for the brief 'pause' in the demo; I hit the wrong button to pause for a sec, kek. And totally ignore the fact that I don't know how to Windows in the final 10 seconds *waves hand* Also, I saw your video when you posted it, but it's been so long I forgot it, so we'll pretend this is a legit FDA... or something like that.

This was a really nice little speedmap though; always great to see the use of pressure and monster variety that you apply to the player/use in your maps. I like the way that this map was balanced in terms of item placement; locations felt strategically logical and the mass of health clustered in one spot forced me to constantly press for that spot in the heat of battle, after doing something typically stupid of course.

Monster placement was well-baked as well, with each monster serving a clear purpose in their role during the point at which shit hits the fanTM and the few seconds afterward as the player fights to mitigate the main threats and piece apart the encounter.

The layout of the first portion of the map served well to allow monsters to roam around that starting area very easily, allowing them to mix and mingle, but more importantly breaking apart their clusters and making holding a point more treacherous as they trickle in steadily. The BA room made for a decent cheese-spot, but not without its troubles and not readily available.

Ironically, I died most to the acid; who knew it was the toughest enemy in this map? Or maybe the toughest enemy was myself and this is some satire of the human condition, as we fruitlessly fight and place blame on our demons when the real enemy is us. We are the demons. After watching 40Oz's demo, I feel a bit dumb and realize that I just didn't explore the pit well-enough before giving in to the defeated feeling of inevitable death; who knew there would be something behind a waterfall? That's not totally a thing, lol. Well I never claimed to be the fastest apple in the socket.

<3 that BFG lost soul

The second half of the map was much more laid-back than I had thought it would be, with the main threat being the three AVs and the ever-pressing cyber-rocket-fun waiting at the end. It's interesting that you went the route of deafening the AVs there; I felt a bit cheesy when I took the route of killing everything before advancing to them after first rushing in and being surprised by the AVs, mostly surviving, then dying to an almost-GAD. But I will say that it made things easier to not have the other monsters present while dealing with them. Still, kinda more fun with all the mobs ^^

The cyber stayed put for me, so I had a nice up-close battle for the baked chocolate-ly goodness that awaited me on his plate. Sure, I could have had the big cake sitting on the table, but I'm guessing the point of this map is that I want his cake for reasons. So I ran all over the big cake and probably destroyed it for everybody else, which if this is a metaphor that means the rest of the world, but I got his piece in the end, so all was right as far as I was concerned as I made my escape; which Doom confirmed is a win.

The detailing and texture use in this map was great and the sector furniture et al was comical, hehe. I loved the aesthetics of the first area: great architecture, lighting, and use of color. There was a pretty good amount of texture variation that I didn't really notice during play.

The layout on the second half of the level kinda trapped the AV that doesn't teleport in back behind the corner; might be better if the corner/angle were shallower so he'd have a better chance of coming out to play if the player goes backwards to the open area with the 2 AVs that do teleport.

All-in-all this was a really fun, quick map to run through and die more than several times on. Great job here, rdwpa; I look forward to the next one!

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Thanks again.

Btw context on the self-review: I was feeling kind of sad that the wad had been ignored up to that point (or at least I thought) :D.

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Next time don't say "speedmap". That's usually a good indicator that I can ignore the topic.

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Meh, I don't want people who don't really like speedmaps to play them; also helps to differentiate from single-map releases that are actually not speedmaps.

Also you're being too serious. I was in a playful mood anyway. :P

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