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Zandronum has this weird skybox glitch

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I need help for this and I didnt know where to go to post, but My Zandronum is only rendering a completely blank/white sky every time I play now. I reinstalled the Zandro Source files and even deleted the Configuration settings on my system to see if it'll work but there still nothing. My drivers are up to date to, so does that mean I must go into Slade3 or something and try to make a fix? it happened when I loaded up Complex Doom with the Hell on Earth Starter pack in ZDL3.

http://imgur.com/fcqIoKV [Me playing Hell on earth starter pack in GZDoom]

http://imgur.com/rugTa7P [Me playing the same Megawad on Zandronum 2.1.2]

This is happening with every wad and its really pissing me off. Does Complex Doom have anything to do with it?

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In your last screenshot, I think you can solve that by using anisotropic filtering.

Not sure how uninstalling PhysX will help. You should probably post your Zandronum log.

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I solved it finally, or atleast earlier today. All I had to do was reinstall my Gefore Nvidia Drover. Thank for the help though!

Wait, It happened again... How do I uninstall previous NVIDIA drivers?

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When installing Nvidia drivers you can do a clean installation. It uninstalls everything and then reboots and continues with the installer.

But I am not sure if that is your problem. Does your computer have an integrated chipset by any chance?

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