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Eternity now supports x64 builds on Windows!

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After a day of fiddling with VS2015 I managed to get building of x64 Eternity, eecrashreport, and midiproc working. The hardest part was working backwards, from a comment in the generated midiproc document, into an appropriate MIDL compiler evocation.

Notably, at the moment to switch between x86 and x64 you need to run a batch script in the midiproc folder to set it to be the appropriate platform (pick win32 or amd64 unless you have an itanium for some reason). Additionally, you'll need to use the 64-bit midiproc.exe with 64-bit EE, as well as generating the correct files for the given platform.

EDIT: You no longer need to run the batch script manually. Be careful switching config, as you need to wait a few seconds before trying to compile otherwise it linker errors (this only happens the first time though).

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