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Enhanced Compatibility in Single and Multiplayer

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While Freedoom will be strictly vanilla, we should not ignore other ports. Many purely vanilla design options can be created or adjusted to make maps more playable or intentionally limiting when using features of advanced ports.

MAP02 in singleplayer has a great example. The exit door has no keys, someone could easily jump up there in a port that enables jumping to exit in seconds. In vanilla, player needs to get all three keys before approaching exit door. Adding colored bars in front of door will force players to play map. Jumpers can still reach one key easily, but are forced to fight for the other two; most of the map is still required to play. Vanilla players will not even notice since all three keys should have been collected.

MAP01 in multiplayer is another. Jumping out of the windows during a deathmatch speeds up the flow of the game. The windows near exit should be lowered just enough to allow a player to jump through. Vanilla multiplayer is not affected at all.

There are many more examples I will post later.

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looking foward more examples.

also id like to freedoom be jumping friend, it make the game more diferent from other mods.

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