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Making a "hanging floor" with action 242 *IMAGES WARNING*

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I'd like to make a "fake floor", but with a midtexture around it. Boom compatibility.

I did manage to do something, but I get HOM if I don't assign an upper texture to one of the sidedefs.

This is how it's meant to look, but with MIDSPACE instead of GRAY1.

If I assign MIDSPACE to the upper texture, I get:

Oh god, that's terrible.
If I remove the upper texture completely and assign MIDSPACE to the middle texture with the necessary offsets:

Well this sucks obviously, I want that fake ceiling. And the midtex too.

Tell me what to do...

WAD snippet: http://www.mediafire.com/file/am87b2jazea641p/WHYGOD10.wad
(MAP01, 2 KB, requires a Boom-compatible port)

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The player should never be able to see above and below a fake floor at the same time, or you'll get HOM. That is a limitation of the engine.

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