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DelphiDoom (Updated Oct 12, 2019)

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I have allready tried FPCDoom.Actually i thought it will runRDVOX like Delphidoom does. But it couldn't that time. This was in december 2019. I didn't like a lot R4G4B4 there - looks worse then the predefined 256 indexes.

Anyway, i belive - you know what to do) I always wish to see as low sys requirements as it is possible, ZDoom based ports had that. But they have some strange problems when applying voxels to some classic/prboom wads, problems with scene z-sorting. I belive in delphidoom. The last release had nice performance. the only serious issue was that green color everywhere :D So i hope you will found a way to optimize delphidoom even for singlecore CPU's. BTW i collect some old cpu's, run doom sourceports sometimes on them, and not only. However, the 2-core processors that I usually use are now considered obsolete too. I think i gonna try Delphidoom on Pentium 2 for Slot1 with 320-512mb SDRAM as soon as i will find a compatible hdd for that =)

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