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map11 rework.

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i'm editing map11 to be less similar to doom2 one (O of destruction) and also killing the excess of simetry, making it pure vannila and using plutonia has a base iwad to edit.

this is a wip: only the unlocked door side is edited. (all skill implemented, Plutonia recomended for better textures view)


Note: Why i'm using plutonia.wad? its simple freedoom has lots of textures that still need care, maybe a map using them can alert some ppl to help on it too.

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Why are you using Plutonia? You should use Freedoom Phase 2/FreeDM. Put those Aquatex textures to good use!

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i have already awsnered why i'm using plutonia, and i know we have aquatex but i dont want full freedoom2 wad be aquatex too, for other side we dont have only aquatex in pack, freedoom have tnt and plutonia data inside and these textures need care too.

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fixed verion in main topic:

New features:
-All bugs related to teleports fixed.
-Added a crusher in first hell knight fight
-Added extra ssg in easy mode on arena (please dont miss that ssg too dude...)
-Added extra incoming monsters to arena door, now you know where to go.

Note the map end in blue door area.

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