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Another possible Episode 1 story

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Okay, I was just thinking, and I came up with an interesting story for Freedoom's Episode 1. It's a bit long, but tell me what you guys think. I'm really interested in opinions.

As you climb into the cockpit, you look out at the Moon as it looms large in the video screen. You begin prepping the ship for the landing. Of course, thanks to modern technology, you could have ordered the ship to land itself at the touch of a button, but it's always a good idea to be ready to take over manually in case anything should happen. Your mind starts to drift to thoughts of the coming assignment. Guarding the Moon base may not be exactly adventurous, but it'll be a much-needed vacation after your last assignment, you think to yourself as you rub the still-sore knife wound on your arm. There isn't much action on the Moon, but it has a military base that was established after riots broke out during a labor dispute over the working conditions of the mineral miners. Now, however, there isn't much to be concerned with, as all the mining is done by robots. As you enter the Moon's atmosphere, created years ago during the colonization, you radio the base to receive clearance to land. However, the only reply you get is some garbled static. You try again to contact the base, but still, static. Transmitter must be out, you think to yourself, and you coast down to the landing pad. You set the ship down, but something doesn't seem right. You look around, but there are no signs of life anywhere. It's as if the entire base was abandoned. You get out to open the hanger door to put your ship away, and wonder where the ground crew is. As the door slowly slides open, you find out: all over the place. The corpses of the crew members litter the hanger, and fill it with the stench of death. Some of them have bullet holes, while others seem to have been torn apart. Something truly horrific has happened here. As you look more closely at an odd gash on one of the bodies, it suddenly suddenly leaps up and lunges at you. Grabbing your pistol, you give it a couple new wounds and it drops to the ground. You turn to run back to your ship to radio for help, but more of the bodies start raising up. As they approach, you keep firing, but they just keep coming. However, rather than eviscerating you, they instead pass you and focus their attention on your ship. You watch in horror as they begin tearing it to pieces. One of them, holding a gun, starts firing on the fuel tank, and before you can react, you are knocked to the ground by a huge explosion. So much for your ship, but at least it took those zombies with them. Getting up, you begin to formulate a plan. There must be some sort of vehicle to transport you to a nearby colony somewhere in this base, and once you get there, you can call for help. Also, as unlikely as it seems after your encounter, there may be survivors in there. At the very least, you can probably find some serious weapons to try to stop whatever it is that has taken over the base. You load a new clip into your pistol, and step inside. As the door shuts behind you, a shiver runs down your spine. This is it; there's no turning back now, and something of pure evil has been unleashed, with horrific consequences if it is not stopped.

I figured Episode 1 would be on the military base, Episode 2 would be in ancient ruins found by the mining colony, Episode 3 would be you finding a portal to the creatures' home planet and trying to shut it down, and Episode 4 would be to escape from that planet and find a way back to Earth. So, what do you guys think?

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So what sort of theme would episode three be in?

I've got an E3 level assigned to me, and I was under the impression that episode three is hellish because that's what the real episode three is, so I guess I should hold off making it until we're sure of the theme...?

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Hmm sounds good, well fleshed out. Not sure I like the idea of 'ruins' though, I prefer the hostile angle on aliens rather than stumbling across some relic that accidentally opens a world etc. What do you think?

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I don't know... I was just trying to come up with an explanation for why the Moon, why that particular time, ect. I suppose, but I don't know how it would all work out, and then what happens after Episode 1. Whatever, if you can come up with good stories for Episode 2 onward then I suppose, but I really like to keep any real information out of Episode 1's story to build suspense. It wouldn't be much fun if the entire story were given away before you started the game. I agree with your earlier post about a storyline, we should try to do what Doom didn't do, which was have a well-structured, organized plot that is coherent and makes sense. Also, it would really add to the mood of the game, as well.

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot, the theme. Episode 3 could probably be a Hell theme, since we have no idea what the alien planet looks like. I mean, it's not going to look anything like Earth to begin with, and as I have an idea to include some occult stuff (the zombies, for instance) Hell could work.

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