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My first Public WAD. Finally

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It goes by the name of "Dark Time in the Horizon" only as a Project Code name though, I'm hoping to make this into an at least 8 level Wad.






I was heavily Influenced by The Hell on earth Start Pack campaign levels, and I figure I could maybe try and map something close? Its a relatively short map with some challenges here and there and is overall pretty fun! LOTS OF CREDIT to Sonic Clang/Thumpmonk for the Music for this level. (I know I could've done some Midi but honestly I hate Midi music for stuff like this, it breaks the atmosphere and immersion for me unless it sounds really good.) I'd recommend giving this a GO with Complex Doom or Brutal Doom, as It goes quite nicely with both (Complex Doom fits the theme much better IMO) The Levels outdoor section is bit of detailing practice for me in which I love doing, The Indoor part of the level is pretty interesting. I made good use of dynamic Lighting and colored lighting as well to get that Atmosphere, It fit pretty well with the music to!

Download Link:

Music used in Level:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XPua_StSK0 <--- Big thanks to the people that made this!

Some Feedback would be appreciated as well! Let me know If I suck at like Item placement or Enemy placement or something to let me be more aware of how I map next time to maybe improve on those errors. I hope you guys enjoy the small level as much as I did. Best Played on Zandronum 2.1.2 with Complex Doom!

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