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My first wad, also some questions

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The wad mostly consists of corridors, there are some big areas though. It takes around 8 minutes to complete it. Basically I tried to make a wad I would like to make. To make the level it took me about 20 hours, it's not perfect and I'm still learning so it would be cool if you guys would try it out and tell me what do you think about it, what did I do wrong etc.

Here are some screenshots and a video of me playing through the map:


Download link:

I will try to upload it onto idgames archive, however, there are some things in the txt generator I don't quite understand. In *Player Information* what does "player starts only" even mean ? Also, does "Difficult settings: yes" mean that i added new settings or there are just the default ones ? I didn't add any new settings, not sure whether I should state yes or no.

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First of all - don`t upload your level yet. You need fix some doors,align textures properly. And make it less "door simulation". Add height,width variations. And don`t give player bfg at the first level,this makes level less funny. And make secrets more clear.

Anyway,it has potentional. Play more good wads and search what makes them good. Good look :')

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