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The hobo mod is coming in!

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Right back from hell just like Jezus when he died on cross. Took it more than 3 days but hey. Hobo mod is not God.

It is made for Gods Glory...
Still not finished -> this is beta of alfa of beta...
Only for zandronum...
Must play with opengl enabled...
Music and sprites were stolen and not credited...
But everything belongs to God so I credit God on this...
The decorate code was wrote by me and only me...
But everything belongs to God so I credit God on this too...
The mod is not that hard when you understand what is happening...
It's a swap monsters with new monsters on a survival game...
Currently only for doom2.wad but i will make it work on both in future.

Survival mod. Hobo Mod. Join the hobo marine army and kill demons.

Download is here:

ALL in one:

The order does not matter just put the
At the end.

I played it only on linux and best current zandronum version to play it ONLINE is:

If single player you can use newest version.

New version of Zan is broken and seems people making it are more concentrated on fixing some lame ass bugs than things that actually let moder make cool things. Even shit like bulletpuff is breaking all the time. So if your a wannabe-a-try just go and take best version mentioned before to play from the arch:


The mod does not work on the stable zan 2.1.

Also YOU NEED to have OPENGL on. On software few things can look broken and you lose many effects. This is indeed unfortunate.

Few screens, this time they were not lost. Yet the void was strong!
might take me few secs to set them to show up tho...

In new update more... MORE! more zombies added.

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I don't understand why this is a hobo mod. But it looks good, judging from those tiny screenshots.

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WildWeasel said:

Why would a (theoretical) downloader want to download 10 individual files? Why not zip them together?

To test your faith...

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WildWeasel said:

Why would a (theoretical) downloader want to download 10 individual files? Why not zip them together?

Because the idea is only some parts get upgraded. Mostly the code part that is very fast to download.

Suppose the mod grows to 100 mega (and it will because of sounds and sprites) a little bug fix in code = download again 100 mega. Ofc most people have good connections etc but it is still nicer for people who do not. In past when I was hosting before I got masterbanned it worked and pretty sure for those few people who played it was much more friendly to upload few kB than 20Mb each time.

Ofc some times I just push everything to newest version like now because I make so many changes I feel it's time for it.

But yeah could have added an arch to download all in one row.

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I hope that site is like good old Rapidshare and you have to wait 8 hours between each download. Otherwise it wouldn't be a hobo mod.

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Updated. new zombies at least 10 types if not more!

Making zombies is easy. In my mod every monster will always behave in different way.
Zombies have their tricks. Or are stupid in different ways.

Hobo mod slowly growing.

Had enough moding will probably touch this again next month.


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Tho there was update and new imp joined the army of daemons...

I am not updating the link. This is still too minor update.

The reason this post was published was a strange phenomena that occurred while I was playing my mod.

When I was on the end of level fighting the mutants and I saw exit switch.
One of bullets ( probably aimed at me ) hit zombie sergeant.
He was shot straight in head and was killed instantly. But what really impressed me was that he managed to actually trigger the exit button level with his mindless body being tossed with that small but still forceful momentum that (yes) single bullet gave him.

A bug in the game? No, the answer is even more peculiar. I have given all my monsters recently the ACTIVATEIMPACT flag. Probably on the death state the poor zombie acted just as projectile and managed somehow push the button.

Yet another story from doomworld. Teaching us that there is still much to learn and there are many unknown features out there waiting to get discovered.

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