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Issue whit vannila mapping. (Door action)

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i have created a map to freedoom year ago, but in this time freedoom was boom compatible so i did my map i tested in boom and everything was perfect, now the target limit is vannila compatibility, well i fixed my map to be vannila but... i just get a caught whit a bug of i have no idea what is happening.

wad: http://www.geocities.ws/protox/FreeDoom/FreeDoom1/e2m4_p1.wad
requires Freedoom phase1 to work (Stable or Dev).

issue: in sector 335 is adjancent whit sector 43, the height of this sector is high, so when the sector 335 is tigered to open like a a door it go down by 8 units instead opening and this happen only in vannila if someone know what is happening please tell me.

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When a door opens, its ceiling moves to 4 units below the lowest neighboring ceiling. From what you describe, it sounds like you have a low ceiling next to the door. One fix would be to insert a one-unit-thick sector between the door and the low sector that is causing the problem, and give its ceiling the height you want for the open door. That's not the only way to fix it though, but I haven't looked at your wad.

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boris said:

Remove the vertical lines that are inside your door sectors.

i wonder why the lines bug the door actions... the sectors are merged... but ok

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