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ZBloody Hell v1.5 - DW Release.

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You guessed it, It's an Updated ZBlood i have been working on for like 6 months already, hosting servers on Zandronum to test it and apply all necessary changes, It is based on ZBloodX (Credits given), Here are changes, Mind you i'm not planning to port Blood to ZDoom or anything, It's just a bunch of changes that i always wanted to make to it, to at least make it feel less ... annoying :

* Voxels to each weapon,key and pickup, oh and barrels.
* Re-organized Mapset, few maps missing but each one is at it's right episode.
* Recreated Final boss level, the secret is Missing but i'll think about something later.
* Removed noclip frames of Phantasm, no idea why was that added, he doesn't even go through walls in the original.
* Decreased number of monsters per each level, was like a slaughter mapset before.
* Quick level modifications to MAP01 and MAP02 (specifically the end of MAP01 and beginning of MAP02).
* Added true 3D Floor bridge to MAP10.
* Added Duke body secret on circus level (MAP04).
* Removed tchernobog and spider mother bosses from earlier levels.
* Imported few caleb quotes for some levels (Like the Ice level).

Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/phtixuhsn7spjx6/ZBloody_Hell_v1.5.zip

I'm also working on the beauty and beast boss right now, Not sure when i'm going to finish it though but here's a look at the level layout.

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Changes i forgot to mention :

* Optional CD Music file.
* No more flying players after getting hit by most of projectiles types.
* Better and reasonable recoil.
* No more crazy, fast and near impossible phantasms.
* reduced some monsters speed.
* Axe Zombies no longer fake their death for more than 5 seconds.
* Swimming animation for player added.
* Weapon and screen bob closer to Blood (Screen bob requires Zandronum's ConsoleCommand, haven't found a way to change it for ZDoom & GZDoom, But it's still playable on those anyway).

ERGO : Playable.

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