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Singer George Michael Dead at 53

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George Michael, the singer who is well known for his music as well as his part in the musical duo Wham!, has died at the age of 53. The cause of death is currently unknown at this point. This is sad news, especially how this happened on Christmas Day of 2016. I also liked some of his songs, such as "Freedom! '90" and "Faith", and it's sad that he's gone. My condolences go to his friends and family.

Go here for more information:

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My mother was obsessed with him back in the day, and its a damn shame to lose him on Christmas. RIP

@ Sargon of Akkad

Then why even bother posting in this thread?

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You think 2016 was fone taking people's life? WHAM!

okay that was terrible. RIP George, I've been playing his songs in youtube for hours now... and I'm not sleeping yet.

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Well, good bye guy with two forenames and no surname who couldn't make his heart last one day after he gave it away last christmas. I've listened to your famous tune and considered it an earworm but I liked hearing it the first 10 ten times so you're okay. Was okay.

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