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Any bad playthroughs out there?

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So bear with me.

All of us around here are very experienced when it comes to this kind of shooter.

When I first played Doom 2016 I found almost every weapon in secrets, found most of the secrets (and therefore had most of the upgrade stuff).

I am curious how the average modern gamer played through Doom 2016.

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DooM_RO said:

Ok, not THAT bad.

I have a friend that plays Doom 2016 like that... One day i was in his house and he saw me play.... Few minutes latter he said that he was dizzy that i was moving too fast.....

Another great one from Polygon

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

This one, He looks like a newcomer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TG2Gu6UzGg

Thanks, just what I needed.

These are quite useful for someone studying design. Here on Doomworld we have the luxury to develop maps for veterans and skilled people but a company like Id has to please both veterans and casual gamers, which is what the original Doom did but people tend to forget that after having been desensitized by their Sunlusts, Valiants and Schythe 2s. Even though some of the levels are very complex the guy never really got lost thanks to the subtle markers such as a monster spawning in the direction they are supposed to go or a green light or pickup.

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How about Kitetales? They made this video with the intention that it would be an emulation of the Polygon one since she's not the most experienced with fpses but she ends up doing better.

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