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funny doom wads

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Well I found this video here:


And from what I see of it, it is the most amazing doom wad I have ever seen. And I was playing weird doom wads back in the day, let me tell you, fiffywar is one that I hold in fond remembrance but this is a whole 'nother animal from that.

I tried to leave a comment on the download page http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=16961 but sadly it didn't let me, so I guess I'll leave it here at the bottom of this post?

But if you have other amazing wads or videos like it, post the links here.

My review:

The people complaining about it have no sense of humor, they should run for congress or something instead. What are they doing playing doom in the first place if they think this is so puerile, killing carnivorous aliens in gory ways, that's high class by comparison? There are some who are even giving it glowing praise AND giving it 0 stars? Don't understand that. But this is solid 5 out of 5 by any fair metric. The music in general is very good, some of it came from doom proper but it seems some of it was made for the occasion. Also, the best level is NSFW, the 9th map, and its music is really the one that stands out, it's been in my head all week, it's on par with the best music from canon doom. I found this page and wad from its link from this youtube video (video ID 29TYZQWaz7g) if you want to get a good idea without playing through, it's a pretty good walkthrough. A massive amount of effort and detail went into it. Nice monty python spam use. Spammity spammm!!!! It would also be nice if you gave info on where you got the art you used in it from (I found the "Jews" poster), and the music, or if you composed it, if you had that as a separate download because it's good music. Well I know that map 11's music is a variation of the Michael Myers music from Halloween (I always thought "The Pit"'s, Doom 2 map 9's, music was very similar to that).

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