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Yet another Doom Marine origin theory

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Yes, heres yet another 'I think I know who the doomguy in the new doom is..' thread. I know the Doom 64 theory is correct, but why haven't we considered the doomguy from Ressurection of Evil?

Why I think this way. His fate is up for grabs. After defeating the big bad we're treated to a white screen leaving his fate largely unknown; however the lead researcher says something like 'Welcome home marine' during the sequence. Lets say thats imaginative and the Marine is truly stuck in hell. Theres ambiguous hole here since this marine's fate was supposed to be explained in the novelization of the game that never came out.

Now to touch on why he fits the bill. He's the most antagonistic of the protagonists due to his 'I dont have time for this' facial expression and his willingness to use the hell artifacts. You know, the ones that increase his speed and give him god mode and the like. Inherenitly he looks angry, so we got that down. After blowing up the good demon doctor, forget his name, he might as well be stuck.

With familiarization with the runes of Hell he might've expanded thier usage to further enhance his prowess. Now for the other confusing parts of the story he fits in as an unrelenting force of nature. Just considering this.

Not intending to poke holes in theories, but it seems we missed a doomguy while going through the interconnecting the continutity of the reboot to the rest of the games.

I'll go back to listening to the soundtrack while playing Hearthstone. Just had a vague theory to share.

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I think this Doom Marine is a whole new protagonist. The Doom 64 theory might be ok if it is explained well this way: The Marine when decided to stay in Hell, he discover a portal which took him to an ancient time where tecnology might be consider like "mistic", I have some thought about interconneting Doom64 with Doom 2016 but, something make me think Doom Slayer belonged to an ancient Martian civilization before being comsumed by Hell. It might sound similar to Doom 3's plot but in this case, they lost the battle. Let's not forget about the entity refered to as "Seraphim" who gave him destructive powers and "The Wretch" that gave him the Praetor suit. But maybe Argent D'nur was a Martian civilization where the Marine got stuck and became its protector

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I still wonder why "burned by the embers of Armageddon" (testament 1) is ignored in most origin speculations. The codex continues with the first battle in the first age.

Since Hell usually refers to a place of eternal punishment, created by God after Armageddon, this clearly indicates he was a member of a civilization being judged on judgement day. Then Hell started existing (-> 1st age). I'd even consider this was earths civilization but the fact earth still exists in Doom 2016 kind of contradicts that. Either Hell expands in time too or Slayer is indeed not from Earth.

The fact he looks very different than the sentinels also indicates he is not from their culture. I think they accepted him as leader during the Hell Argent D Nur invasion. Since Slayer has been a member of hell since its beginning it's not surprising he would support a culture in battling hell.

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Argent D'Nur was taken over by Hell in the 1st age when "the Wretch" betrayed his fellows and The protectors of Argent D'Nur. Only one man survived and stayed in Hell as the testaments tell the story. Practicaly this Doom Slayer is a new protagonist.

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