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Superfast Speedmapping: Domination Edition

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Kindof copy paste from https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=7427

SUPERFAST Speedmapping Domination Edition

TSPG Mirror

This is the fourth installment in the Superfast Mapping Series: The Domination gamemode! Each map is designed for zandronum's domination gamemode, 8-16+ players, and 2-4 teams. (Team) Deathmatch will work just fine as well, although there will be point slabs there for no reason. Points also have tags of 100+ and have mapspots with tags 200+ on them, so if you want to make a radically cool acs gamemode and need a map pack, there you go.

Album of all 32 maps

Haven't posted these packs on doomworld before but this series is all about speedmapping in serious timelimits. Layouts, items, detailing, are all done in this timelimit. 4 PVP gamemodes have been done but I'm not object to singleplayer/coop maybe in the future.

There were 3 previous installments:
Each map took as many minutes as the mapnumber, so yes map01 was made in a literal minute. Most of the early maps are pretty garbage until later where it gets a bit better (with a couple of good maps too), but it proves that very playable maps can be made in ridiculous timelimits.

The best pack of the previous 3. Deathmatch with big maps for big playercounts. Boom format so it works with everything. This got a bunch of playtime so you might have even heard of this pack.

Some pub maps at best lol. At least it finished

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Played this a good minute and I can honestly say for a speed-mapping project this one doesn't look too bad and plays pretty fuckin' good.

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