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New Year's bustle

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So on the eve of the bright holiday of New Year I present to you my new wad. It contains a one level and one level- headband.
You are a Santa Claus. On the eve before the New Year, you stopped at a small town on the Christmas tree, to congratulate everyone on this holiday.And you have decided to relax a bit. And you met old acquaintances. What happened next will you can know from wad.

Iwad - doom2.
Port gzdoom. I test this wad on version 1.56 and 2.05.
Recommended illumination - Standard. + Standard fog.
By default, you can be disabled the weather by clicking on J.
Have a good game!


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Pretty good, nice holiday atmosphere.

Some of the English was a tad janky but that just added to the B-movie drunken santa rampage feel... I now feel content that I have played a christmas wad this year.

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The village lagged a bit for me. I liked the new weapons, they had good sounds. The "Entering New Year" was a nice touch lol. thx for uploading

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