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Help with pad configuration please.

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Ever since I got a new PC my pad won't work with certain input commands.

- I can't run and shoot. If im sprinting first, then shoot I'll stop sprinting and walk normally without shooting. Same thing other way around, I'm shooting then hold spring and bam, no more shooting or running.

- The pause and options buttons on my pad do nothing at all.

I really need help with this guys :(

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Sounds like you're running an Xbox360/One controller in direct input mode, thus both triggers are read as a single axis. Please verify and tell us the following information (that you should have already told us from the start); Your OS, controller and source port you're using.

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Which source port are you using? And which controller?

I had some similar issues while using a directx controller in Zandronum, but I managed to fix them in the controller configuration option and testing the axxis sensibility.

Also, the pause and option buttons don't work in most ports, so you gotta use Esc each time you want to pause... Or use AntiMicro and bind "pause" as "Esc".

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Windows 10 comes with the xinput driver by default. Make sure you're using the controller in xinput mode (gzdoom will see two controllers if both direct input and xinput are enabled).

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