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List of Eternity wads?

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Does anyone maintain a list of Eternity-specific wads? How do I go about finding them if I want to familiarize myself with the port's features? Searching for "eternity" on /idgames gives a lot of irrelevant results and I don't see anything like that in the sticky threads or on the website. It would be nice if there was a really easy way to find Eternity maps to play.

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On the top of my head, here are those I remember:

Kaiser's DSV Episode 4: The Revolution (requires FraggleScript)
SoM's Ogro Power Facility
rf's De Kerker
Essel's Vaporware Demo (dead link!)

In addition there were a few test maps and unfinished stuff that have been posted on the forum at some point.

Otherwise, you can wait for Mordeth 2, of course. Also Hacx 2.0 if you don't mind a ZDoom/Eternity combo.

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printz said:

As a test of time: does it work with the latest drdteam Eternity builds? I may be able to test later.

I never played it on Eternity but I used it for testing portals on GZDoom where it works fine. It doesn't do anything extraordinary - just a few linked line portals and one linked sector portal so I really cannot imagine that it may got broken.

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esselfortium said:

Here: http://esselfortium.net/wasd/vaprdemo.zip

Hopefully the completion of UDMF and linked portals will help encourage some more mappers to make EE stuff, since with those hurdles taken care of, it's a way friendlier (and more powerful, too!) target to map for than it was years ago.

A demo video would be awesome and would motivate folks like me to try it.

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On 31/12/2016 at 2:42 PM, BlackFish said:

A demo video would be awesome and would motivate folks like me to try it.

I'll see what I can do on the video front. I did include a couple demo maps in the "You can now make UDMF maps in Eternity" thread.


EDIT: It's on idgames now, wee.

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