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Doomworld Mega Project Series Demos

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Noticed that my map 6 demo desync as it uses second beta version of wad

here it is again along map 26 's improved time

map 6 at 3:01

26 at 4:35


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Demos of the vanilla maps MAP01-MAP07, most being UV-Max runs on -complevel 2. The version I used is the final idgames release (unless it somehow gets updated later on).


MAP01 UV-Max cl2 - 1:44

MAP02 UV-Max cl9 - 2:53

MAP03 UV-Max cl2 - 7:28

MAP04 UV-Max cl2 - 12:29

MAP05 ITYTD-Max (Shameless, I know) cl2 - 5:35

MAP06 UV-Max cl2 - 2:57

MAP07 UV-Max cl9 - 2:36


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^ 05 max in 4:41, not for DSDA.


2nd exit (ugly, I think under an hour total of work). Didn't want to post anything but I keep getting tempted to run the map, so I guess I need to, to get it off my plate mentally. I like a lot of this map but the starting hitscanfest + the linedef skip at the BFG make running it really aggravating.





Edited by rdwpa

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Nice. It was the line in the BFG-rev reveal btw, although I think I was misinterpreting where it is, tbh, since I hadn't looked at the map in the editor. 

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lousy map 23 first exit max plus some improvements in my Dmp17 demos

6 at 2:45
7 at 2:31 
18 at 5:05
23  at 20:18
21  at 5:23
32  at 1:23

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Some more demo runs on DMP2017. For MAP13, I can't seem to get the Spider Mastermind to spawn in regardless of compatibility level, so I skipped that, haven't checked inside the map yet. A dozen Imps won't spawn on MAP15 at -complevel 2, you must be playing at -complevel 9 for 100% Kills.


MAP04 UV-Max in 6:45 cl2

MAP06 UV-Max in 2:42 cl2

MAP07 UV-Max in 2:24 cl9

MAP08 UV-Max in 4:36 cl2

MAP09 UV-Max in 4:29 cl2

MAP11 UV-Max in 13:35 cl2

MAP12 UV-Max in 5:57 cl2

MAP14 UV-Max in 4:59 cl2

MAP15 UV-Max in 8:14 cl9


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Not sure if this counts as love for DMP2016, but I was surprised nobody has done a Pacifist (and Nightmare) run on MAP38 of it since it's just 100 rooms of Cyberdemons to run through, although the -nomusic parameter is required to play the map on PrBoom+. As for DMP2017 MAP13, turns out I was crossing the linedef to spawn the Mastermind, but the room the Mastermind is in is not big enough for it to move around, therefore the Mastermind, even on ports like GZDoom, has a chance of never spawning in the map at all.


DMP2016 MAP38 Pacifist in 5:55 cl9 - mp1638p555.zip

DMP2016 MAP38 Nightmare Speed in 6:54 cl9 - mp1638n654.zip

DMP2017 MAP13 UV-Max in 8:36 cl2 - mp1713-836.zip

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On 2/22/2018 at 1:26 AM, Keyboard_Doomer said:

dmp2017 MAP11:

Pacifist in 0:02.37 and NM Speed in 0:02.57


That feeling of "speedrunning" a map that you have no idea how vast majority of it even looks like...




Well.... crap!


Ah well, that'll teach me to check my switch angles better in the future!  :D

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slight improvements *again in some Dmp17 maps 

13 at 6m 44s
7 at  2m 16s
6 at 2m 41s
8 at 4m 16s
9 at 4m 21s


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