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Doomworld Mega Project Series Demos

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On 2/24/2018 at 2:34 AM, Erick said:

A dozen Imps won't spawn on MAP15 at -complevel 2, you must be playing at -complevel 9 for 100% Kills.


Hi @Erick!  I'm MAP15's author, I hope the level was otherwise enjoyable outside of this error.  Can you tell me which set of imps aren't spawning for you on -complevel 2?  Obviously the project is over a year old now and there's no way an amended or updated version of the map is getting posted, but it would be good for me to know where I went wrong so I can avoid making the same mistake in future submissions - Putrid Hollow was my first released level and I'm sure my inexperience with compatibility levels and different ports is shining through.

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@TheOrganGrinder Around 1:30 there's this closet with Imps, which is northeast from the start. On -complevel 9 the sector lowers when crossing a line near the yellow skull key, but with -complevel 2 while the sound of the sector lowering is being played, it looked like it hasn't lowered in the slightest, so the sound never stops playing. I looked inside the map and to my guess some Imps are preventing it from lowering. A strange error for an otherwise nice map, I did enjoyed it nonetheless!

Edited by Erick : Some misinfo

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1 hour ago, Erick said:

@TheOrganGrinder What is stranger is that the sector lowered when playing back the demo on -complevel 2! 

You can't force complevel 2 in a Boom demo. Such a parameter is simply ignored. 

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9 minutes ago, vdgg said:

You can't force complevel 2 in a Boom demo. Such a parameter is simply ignored. 

Didn't knew that, I confused that with using other vanilla complevels in vanilla demos (e.g. Final Doom with DOOM2.EXE V1.9), thanks for telling me.

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Some more DMP18 uv maxes

cl9.wad map 4 at 2m 45s
cl2 wad maxes
4 at  51s
5 at 7m 51s
6 at 4m 23s
7 at 2m 45s (cl9 used as cl2 giving a bug,making 100% kills impossible )
8 at 3m 20s
10 at 4m 40s




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Thats it for DMP18

only some Huge n slaughter maps are left or maps i failed to find all secrets 

these were mostly initial attempts....

cl9 map 9 at 5m 54s
cl2 maps
8 at 2m 7s
15 at 5m 59s
17 at 15sec


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Dmp 18 cl9 wad 

map 12 at 36m 54s

A Jaw dropping layout but a hideous,annoying and Dull gameplay

demo is too shitty... posting for tab filling 


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