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Naked Snake


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Here is that FAQ I did + RailGunner's /newstuff FAQ. Thank Orion for doing the HTML! I'm hoping that Ling is going to do something with this. I feel that the current FAQ isn't specific to this forum, whereas mine is. Tell me what you think, and no sorry, I'm not taking suggestions ATM, maybe when it gets super out of date ;)

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RailGunner said:

where is he anyway?
good job orion!

Orion is making a few alterations to the FAQ at my request.

He is all done! He did an excellent job!

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RailGunner said:
/me hopes no more "how to upload to newstuff" threads.

Make something idiot-proof and they'll find a better idiot. So hope yes, expect no :-)

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Ok, I've decided to take suggestions again. Post your Questions and Answers here and stuff.

I asked him to add this :

to it (the version he is putting up is edited a little though)

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The FAQ is done, thanks to all the people that helped with it, RailGunner, Fodders, Pritch and Orion! Couldn't have done it without you guys!

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