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Notable 2016 demos

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For starters, seem like this year has been the year for Sunder running - around fifty new demos totaling roughly ten hours across the span of the year! This coming after last year there was just one demo posted for it across the entire year. So many demos were made for it this year that it's hard to choose any specific ones to name as highlights, A number of strong demos came from newcomers, which is always nice, and more categories were filled for Sunder than many people could have ever considered when Sunder got its first demos. Let's hope that the new Sunder TAS is completed in 2017 to top off this year's updates to the tables. :)

Other demos listed in the thread:
30evx2259/30evx1944 by 38_ViTa_38 (TNT D2ALL TAS UV-Speed)
30swx249 by ClumsyDoomer (Swift Death D2ALL TAS UV-Speed)
30tn8336 by Zero-Master (TNT D2ALL NM-Speed)
ar08-948 by Yousuf Anik (Armadosia map 08 UV-Max)
av20-1357 by SAV88 (Alien Vendetta map 20 UV-Max)
av20-1513 by j4rio (Alien Vendetta map 20 UV-Max)
bs27-1801 by 0xf00ba12 (Bloodstain map 27 UV-Max)
es32-257 by Gurlugon (TNT map 32 NM100)
Hexen co-op speedrun by Ch0wW & JCD
quad1005 by 4shockblast (QUAD.WAD UV-Max)
pt126746 by j4rio (Plutonia map 12 Tyson)
pt32-10439 by j4rio (Plutonia map 32 Tyson)
scall-1142 by 4shockblast (Scythe D2ALL UV-Speed)
sl20-1025 by 0xf00ba12 (Sunlust map 20 UV-Max)
su05-545 by Ancalagon (Sunder map 05 UV-Max)
su12n233 by KingMamba48/Andrew Martinez (Sunder map 12 NM-Speed)

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Definitely gonna throw in my mention for j4rio's Plutonia MAP32 Tyson, the first and likely only of it's kind. An excellent showing for sure.

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Some recent fruits of humankind's progress:

Jario's AV201513 -- a new pinnacle of his aggression mastery;
Yousuf Anik's AR08-948 -- another outstandingly fast-paced long-distance maxrun;
4shockblast's QUAD1005 -- 900+ attempts resulted in a strong, daring, nearly perfectionistic de-monstr-ation.
Gurlugon's ES32-257 -- so much faster than the C-N runs and Peo's TAS NM run;
Ancalagon's SU05-545 -- for comparison, Okuplok had 16:28;
KingMamba48's SU12N233 -- a state-of-the-art Nightmare speedrun by a very professional newcomer. Most existing NM records have gigantic percentages of room for improvement, but not this one (baring some new progression-wrecking tricks).

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The Hexen coop speedrun by our French friends really impressed me. Starts pretty simple, but at the end of the first act an endless series of tricks begins. It's really cool to see how they thought everything through. And for me Hexen has always been kind of a mystical game because I spent so much time in childhood trying to figure it out. So it was mindblowing to see them completely destroy it. We are really lucky to have such dedicated coop players, especially since they are also interested in games other than Doom.

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