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[Released] NeonDM

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Hey man, generic comment saying these look really good, will be sure to not leave concise feedback then heavily criticize upon release! Kidding of course, DBAB and Aeon are both great and I'm sure this will be too. I'd leave a more detailed response but uhhh as long as it has guns on/near spawns and isn't a total pain in the ass to navigate you guys have covered about all I know how to critique for DM maps.

Keep up the nice work, will be happy join in any testing sessions if they happen while I'm online.

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No dm pack would be complete without a Mario Kart 64 "Block Fort" ripoff. Kudos!

In all seriousness, I look forward to testing these; testing how many rocket suicides it takes to lose the run for 1st. Always fun playing with the group :)

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Fonze said:

No dm pack would be complete without a Mario Kart 64 "Block Fort" ripoff. Kudos!

In all seriousness, I look forward to testing these; testing how many rocket suicides it takes to lose the run for 1st. Always fun playing with the group :)

But it's Mega Man Battle Network (cyber world) themed.... Yea, feel free to join up anytime. Most of our play tests will probably be public this time around, but if there's a password you know where to find us.

@bob i asked razgriz before posting dont be too confused

Today there was a public test session and it was pretty successful. Off to a good start?

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Combinebobnt said:

uh i thought this was secret-ish im so confused...

Dude, like three people from the MP community will read this. And there's already you, Decay and me.

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Playing like 3-4 times a month doesn't qualify me as part of the mp community I guess :'(

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I feel like this is a good time to make another appeal to the invisible masses of multiplayer mappers. Today I will prove Hume was right

Hey we are still looking for people who want to do some mp mapping. Tired of the same old layout structures and colours? Well say no more because we want colour and craziness apparently.







Download beta 4 here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/c6uvju

To run you probably need aeondm

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I'll prob drop a map off for this sometime in the next few months after getting a few other things off my HD and my mind.

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I'm going to solely do collabs and detailing this time around. Already taken on work for a couple maps.

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Bobby why are you bumping the topic then? I won't post anymore undetailed maps for screenshots though, but suffice to say we are still working on the project.


I revised the project parameters, if people were daunted by UDMF format, zdoom doom in hexen is fine as well. Basically, in the end, we will convert the map to UDMF to accommodate different weapons for different settings.


Anyway, we are doing some testing tonight! In about 30-40 minutes we will start playing on zandronum.

I encourage anyone interested in playing or mapping to join us, we will be available on TeamSpeak3 and IRC (details in first post)


<Bobby> dreamers can dream

I, too, dream that people will join this project.

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Since the NeonDM team has concluded Progressive Duel 2, we are returning our attention here. Much progress has been made, and the first post has been updated with new screenshots and information. If you're too lazy to scroll up, here they are:







Once again I am putting out my call for potential contributors! If you are interested in participating on this project, scroll up to the first post for all the details.

Edited by Decay

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The Neon team has been hard at wark 6 days a week. See the OP for some massive changes, a download, and screenshots of all the maps.


Here's some of the shit we've done though. Expecting a proper release candidate soon; RC 0 doesn't feature a completed neon07: Darklite, only partial completion but I want to put it out there anyway for feedback. If you have any feedback, please leave it in the topic here or leave a message in the discord linked in the OP, there is a channel dedicated to it. All the mappers like feedback. Feedback is good.






















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NeonDM RC2 is here!


Very close to completely wrapping this up. Most important notes for this release are the completion of all the maps and custom skill levels, cutting down the BFG spam on the nightmare skill level. Even if you don't play DM, hopefully the screenshots are enough incentive for you to perhaps take a stroll around the maps.


Couple last minute screenshot treats


Project Darklite was completed



and Tokyo Rooftops ditched the ugly green for something a little more colourful


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I'm not much of a deathmatcher, but this project has been one hell of an introduction. I've certainly had a blast helping out these incredible mappers, and I can't wait to see the reception the final release will receive :)

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On 4/23/2019 at 6:59 PM, killerkouhai said:

I'm not much of a deathmatcher, but this project has been one hell of an introduction. I've certainly had a blast helping out these incredible mappers, and I can't wait to see the reception the final release will receive :)

Glad to see this, and happy to have you on board, even if it was late in the project :)


RC3 was released today, and is the final RC. After an excellent test run this morning, there just looking to be some minor clean up in a couple maps, but it seems like we are most likely to have a final release and release party on Sunday!


Get the latest version here or in the first post.


Highlights! There are some last minute additions to further enjoy the pack.


Skill settings

Choosing skill 0 (Beginning in Rage) will have the maps all with BFG starts, so you can spam and meme to your heart's content

Skill 1 (Don't be a Bitch) is dedicated to the mod "Death Foretold" - the items are specifically laid out just for this.

Skill 2 (Vanishing Aeons) is dedicated to the mod "Quake Champions: Doom Edition" - the items are specifically laid out just for this.

Skill 3 (The Progressive Era) is straight vanilla weapons - nothing fancy here, and compatible with any mod you want to play with

Skill 4 (Lost in Neon) is the true intended mode with Eon Weapons, following the previous 3 mapsets we have made as a group

Skill 5 (Bourgeois Realized) is a new game mode - Neon Hunter! The maps use the skill 3 weapon layout, but with a couple added Invisibility spheres, but these aren't normal invisibility spheres - they provide advanced weaponry to the user (the Eon Weapons - railgun, grenade launcher, lightning gun, and strong chainsaw), an additional 100 HP, and 100 points of Blue Armour, as well as a speed boost.


Neon08 got a bit of colour touch-up:



Neon09 (SubNautical) received an overhaul






Graphics! There's a cool f1 help screen and start up screen now, check it out



All the maps received some dynamic light treatment. Not really something you see for DM, but they definitely add a little bit of additional atmosphere.


Since the project lead is doing the final release post, I'm going to make my thanks now.


It's been a tough 2.5 years with many setbacks and points of stagnation, but we finally pulled through. Thanks to some of the people who stuck around til the end and made the project a reality.


@Razgriz, the project lead, who held the entire thing together by a thread with inexhaustible willpower. Without him, the entire project would've fallen apart and never materialized. A true leader.

@killerkouhai did some wicked graphics work for the project, added the dynamic lights, and helped me out on Project Dark-Lite, as well as serving as inspiration to continue changing and working on the pack.

Michaelis, who lacks a Doomworld account, for many logistics-related things, scripting, and getting the set specifically compatible with D4T and QC:DE, along with @DBThanatos for doing item placement for QC:DE, running an event on stream that doubled as a test session, and some additional quality assurance support.

@Combinebobnt for getting the basics for the project together with the palette work and a ton of recolours to get the ball rolling, and a lot of layouts for us to fix.

@HeavenWraith @jdagenet @Argent Agent for picking up mapslots, taking over maps, and custom musics.

@Dragonfly for his map and promotion of the project with his streams and otherwise, along with @Bridgeburner56 for streaming DM sessions as well that were valuable test-flights, and of course their regular crew for essentially being our secondary testing team.


Everyone who supported the project and played it!


What's next?


It's been a crazy past few years for me and mapping for PVP, and I think it's time to pack my bags and call it a day. At this point I only hope that this pack serves as an inspiration to other and future PVP mappers, as much as @Mechadon and @esselfortium inspired me, to realize what Doom PVP can truly get. Without packs such as Sabbat Martyr and SpaceDM9, I don't think I would've even done half the work I did here, and in previous projects, so I will remain forever indebted to them.


But that's just me! As far as I know, Razgriz is willing to head up another pack - Delta Q DM. If this pack does inspire you to do something, I encourage you to talk to him. It's never too late to pick up on PVP mapping.

Edited by Decay

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37 minutes ago, Decay said:

It's never too late to pick up on PVP mapping


I encourage this immensely, PVP mapping is fun, and it's SUUUPER satisfying to be part of / see 10+ people running havoc in a little world you created! :D

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Glad to see this project finally turning the corner and heading towards a final release after being in development FOR SO LONG. Excellent work.

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More beautiful and fun maps from these people - no surprise there. I think this may be the most beautiful DM wad ever crafted actually, so there ya go, you guys have had your balls washed and ego stroked.


Now come the (few and far between) little uglies I noticed while perusing these maps yet again:



I understand this is a limitation of the Doom engine and 90% of people won't notice it due to the abstract nature of this map anyway, but the cool color-changing grid that extends into the sky is cut off by the short ceilings nearby. I know all mappers involved are aware of this engine limitation but it does look kind of weird when you're moving around in-game. I'm not sure there's anything that can be done about it but I felt it worth mentioning.





Several of these skies have have a beautiful appearance that is unfortunately being brought down by what looks like JPEG artifacting. For the sake of comparison, look at the high definition of this sky below, which has no graininess or artifacting:



(This screenshot even has a larger filesize than the others due to the high resolution and quality of the sky texture, which is a good thing.)




It feels like something should be animating in this shot - maybe the pink bars should be glowing or flickering? It feels oddly stagnant compared to the rest of the map in terms of animation. Gorgeous level and color choices, I just think some animation would help it 'pop'. This map also has serious issues with the sky looking very low-res and low-color. Normally I wouldn't notice that kind of thing but it's in stark contrast to the rest of the wad.




Unknown thing snuck it's way into Agent Orange.





This infinitely stretching beam of light is awesome, but due to the nature of the Doom engine I worry if this will result in some kind of overflow at some point? Probably not going to happen in the length of a usual DM (or perhaps at all) but still thought it may be worth mentioning. More importantly, the instant-death nukage in this map means people will almost definitely be skipping it after just a few plays, it's shitty and Razgriz should be deeply, deeply ashamed of this crater-brained mapping decision. I know it's funny to laugh at people falling in but this map is too good to fall prey to the "meh fuck this one let's skip it" syndrome that will almost certainly happen in the long-term.




Overall this wad is beautiful, 1/10 would write a bunch of words again

Edited by Doomkid : fixed typos

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Not sure what necessarily can be done for the jpeg artifacting - some quality was sacrificed to reduce filesize (otherwise would be well over 150mb, and even atm it's sitting at 80mb which is on the borderline of unacceptable for 15 maps!). I'll see what we can do about that.


The missing THING in 08 is a good catch, I thought I ran through all of the skills, but alas did not run through vanilla itself. Poor quality control! Good thing that isn't the final release lol.


Animating the pink lasers I'm on the fence about. The old theme with the green lasers did that and it gave me a headache every time we played, so I'm not sure I want to revisit that.


The infinitely growing spirals surprisingly do not create memory loss or anything. We speculated about that last year actually and razgriz sat in a server for 30 minutes to see what would happen, and nothing did. As for the instant death slime, well, that's a battle i've long since gave up but it has more to do with anti-LMS camping than being obnoxious. Maybe I can convince compromise.


Thanks for pointing these out!

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Here's a 4-minute video showcasing map 7 of Neon DM, Project Dark-lite, played on skill 1: Death Foretold


Neon DM's final release should be out tomorrow, so keep an eye out and join us for the release party!


Video by TurokiChicken:


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And here is the end of the road for this project, it's finally here! NeonDM in it's full glory, thank you to everyone who contributed to the project in some way, we couldn't have made it without you! First post is updated as per usual with the most updated links, hope you all enjoy the maps because I surely do!

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Congratulations on the release!


We've been playing the RC versions of this on Liberation, Dragonfly and BridgeBurner's multiplayer nights and it's always been a blast! I'm no good at DM but I've always thoroughly enjoyed playing these maps. Very nicely done indeed!

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I can’t wait til I can finally play the finished product, the last rc was excellent! Looking forward to fragging here.

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