This is another spiritual sequel to Don't be a Bitch Last Man Standing but also AeonDM because apparently 66 maps are simply not enough. If you have played DBAB and/or Aeon, you will automatically have an idea of what Neon is aiming for in terms of game play. Smooth layouts, high detail, amusing easter eggs, and great game play making use of advanced port features (Zandronum and higher required) are the defining features we are aiming for once again.   "Decay, wasn't there a lot more information here? What about the call for mappers?" Neon was split into 2 projects for a variety of reasons I won't get into here. If you are interested in working with us on another project using the same principles, palette, textures, etc, join the discord below or be on the look-out for the next project, Delta Q DM.   Features: 15 new maps (Neon01-15) Support for mod-compatibility via skill-settings New game mode! See skill settings for details Implementation of skill-settings   Basic settings No crouching Jump enabled Limited air control Freelook Double ammo   Skills Choose a skill to determine how you want to play   Skill 0 (Beginning in Rage) will have the maps all with BFG starts, so you can spam and meme to your heart's content Skill 1 (Don't be a Bitch) is dedicated to the mod "Death Foretold" - the items are specifically laid out just for this. Skill 2 (Vanishing Aeons) is dedicated to the mod "Quake Champions: Doom Edition"- the items are specifically laid out just for this. Skill 3 (The Progressive Era) is straight vanilla weapons - nothing fancy here, and compatible with any mod you want to play with Skill 4 (Lost in Neon) is the true intended mode with Eon Weapons, following the previous 3 mapsets we have made as a group Skill 5 (Bourgeois Realized) is a new game mode - Neon Hunter! The maps use the skill 3 weapon layout, but with a couple added Invisibility spheres, but these aren't normal invisibility spheres - they provide advanced weaponry to the user (the Eon Weapons - railgun, grenade launcher, lightning gun, and strong chainsaw), an additional 100 HP, and 100 points of Blue Armour, as well as a speed boost.
Download: Neon DM   Download: Eon Weapons Rc 8
Project Lead: @Razgriz   Maplist:   Screenshots of Maps, segmented for your viewing pleasure.